About Us

MeiVie.com offers unique gifts and lifestyle products to help you live a Beautiful Life through Music, Art, Food, Fashion, Home, Fun and More!

What exactly is MeiVie?! 

MeiVie is a name that was created to symbolize "Beautiful Life" from the Chinese word Mei meaning 'beautiful' combined with Vie, the French word for 'life'. Just like the name, Meivie brings products to you from different parts of the world to help you create and enjoy Your Beautiful Life!!

MeiVie's Mission Statement:

To Create a Beautiful Life for Our Employees, Customers and Everyone Around Us.

A Brief History:

Meivie Corporation Limited, a Hong Kong Company, began as a simple international trading company amidst the largest product manufacturing centers in the world. Founded by a couple who themselves had many years of previous experience in international trading, sourcing and manufacturing.

Today, MeiVie Online is able to offer the products we all love, to the world, through our easy to use online retail store, as well as, B2B wholesale and e-commerce opportunities with our partner companies.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or let us know if we can help you find a specific product your are looking for. We'd love to help and we wish you a Beautiful Life!!