Standard Size for Ukulele Nut Width?

Standard Size for Ukulele Nut Width?

Among all customers' queries, the question we've been asked most is the nut width.

Nut width refers to the width of ukulele’s neck at the nut. Wider nut means wider strings’ space, while narrower nut gives you narrower space between the strings.

The difference between different brands’ nut width are minor, in fact it is so small that it doesn’t seem like to affect the playability at all, but the truth is it does! Some players even mentioned the playability difference was huge! People have bigger hands tend to like wider nut cause it’s easier for them, likewise, people with smaller hands usually prefer narrower nut, but this is not absolute either.

So here comes the question, is there a standard size to fit all? Unfortunately the answer is no.

Different players have different playing habits, to find a ukulele that fits you and your fingers, it’s a good idea to go to a music store, pick some ukes and try them first, play it, feel it, and find the size that is most comfortable for you.

Generally, most ukuleles’ nut width is around 1 3/8-inch(35mm), like Kala, Ohana, Big Island etc. Our VTAB ukuleles are usually between 1 3/8-inch(35mm) and 1 1/2-inch(38mm).

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